About Sudoku Mood

As devoted Sudoku enthusiasts ourselves, we set out to make a website that mirrors our passion for this classic game. Our goal is to offer a platform that's great for both beginners and seasoned Sudoku players.

High-quality puzzles

We are a team of experts in modern algorithms and we've put in all our expertise to build an algorithm that can create unique Sudoku puzzles and evaluate how interesting and challenging solving each of them would be for a human.

We respect our users

The Internet runs on ads, everyone knows it. We too must show ads to keep this website up and running. However, we show the bare minimum of ads and refrain from all kinds of obtrusive ads.

User friendly

Sudoku Mood combines functionality with simplicity, ensuring that the joy of playing Sudoku online is accessible to everyone.

Intelligent hints

One of the most distinctive features of Sudoku Mood is its hint function. Many other websites have such functions too. However, most of them are able to show you a hint only if there is a very simple move available and, ironically, when you need hints the least. Sudoku Mood is always able to provide you with a hint and a full explanation of how the next move can be logically achieved without guessing. This helps you to learn and improve your Sudoku solving skills.