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Expert Sudoku

Ready for the next level? Explore our collection of Expert Sudoku puzzles and sharpen your Sudoku solving skills.

What's Expert Sudoku

As the name suggests, Expert Sudoku puzzles are intended for expert players. Playing Expert Sudoku demands a lot of thinking and a lot of experience with Sudoku. It also requires knowledge of certain solving techniques, although no advanced techniques are needed.

Solving Expert Sudoku without the use of pencil notes is almost impossible.

How to play Expert Sudoku

Solving techniques

Playing Expert Sudoku does not require knowledge of any advanced solving techniques. Only those techniques are needed that most experienced players use instinctively, even without knowing their names. So Expert Sudoku puzzles are perfect for those players who have a lot of experience but do not want to learn any formal solving techniques.

The following techniques are needed:

  • Last Digit
  • Hidden Single
  • Naked Single
  • Pointing Candidates
  • Claiming Candidates
  • Hidden Pair
  • Hidden Triple
  • Naked Pair
  • Naked Triple
  • Naked Quadruple

Use pencil

Unlike Hard Sudoku, Expert Sudoku can't be solved without the use of pencil notes. Use pencil notes to maintain a list of feasible candidates in each cell.

Use hints

Use the hint function if you get stuck, don't guess. Hints will teach you, and soon you'll notice that your solving skills have improved. Hints for Expert Sudoku require pencil notes to be filled in.

More tips

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