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Easy Sudoku

Start your adventure with Easy Sudoku and have endless fun!

What's Easy Sudoku

Easy Sudoku puzzles are designed in such a way that throughout the entire game, it's easy for a player to spot the next move. Solving Easy Sudoku is perfect if you are a beginner player or if you're simply short on time and want to have some fun.


You are given a square 9x9 grid. Some cells are empty, some contain digits. Fill all empty cells with digits 1 to 9 so that each digit appears exactly once in each row, each column, and each 3x3 block.

How to start

Look for the last digit

Look for a 3x3 block, a row, or a column with only one empty cell left. Fill the cell with the number missing in that block, row, or column.

Use highlight function

Try clicking on the board cells. When you click on the cell containing the number, its row, column, and block get highlighted. All other cells containing this number will be highlighted too. Just go and try it right away - seeing how it works is much better than reading about it. Now, inspect all rows, columns, and blocks, and try to find the one where this number can be placed in only one cell. If you haven't found anything, proceed to the next number. Clicking on the same number but in different cells might help as well. Sometimes what you need is just a different highlight. Use this function a lot.

Focus on blocks

Finding a 3x3 block where there is only one cell that may contain a particular number is easier for a human than spotting such a cell in a row or column. So focus on blocks first. All Easy puzzles at Sudoku Mood can be solved just by looking for a block where there is only one cell that may contain a particular number.

Use hints

Never guess if you got stuck. Instead, use hints. Click on the light-bulb button and learn how the next move was possible to spot. See hint details - it will help you to understand the hint better.

What's next

More tips

Read tips applicable to all levels of Sudoku, not just Easy.

Try Medium Sudoku

Once you get comfortable with Easy Sudoku, try Medium Sudoku. Remember that Sudoku is not a competition. It's all about having a good time. So if Medium Sudoku feels more like a job, rather than fun and relaxation, stick to Easy Sudoku. Even expert Sudoku players often play Easy Sudoku because it's such a relaxing thing to do.