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Sudoku Solver

We’ll help you to find the solution to your puzzle.

Why us

There are many Sudoku solvers available online. Some of them let you see the solved grid only but don’t explain how to find the shown solution. Others are made exclusively for Sudoku professionals and use the language most Sudoku players are not familiar with.

We fill that gap. In most cases, the Sudoku puzzle you are solving has a solution path that is possible to explain without the use of any advanced techniques. If it is such a puzzle, we’ll find and show you a step-by-step solution path. Each step will be explained and accompanied by animated visualizations.

And only if the puzzle is not possible to solve without the use of advanced techniques, we’ll show you the solution involving those advanced techniques.

If you are more interested in the next step only rather than the full solution path, we can help you with that as well. Read below about available solution modes.

How to use

Our Sudoku Solver is very easy to use - just enter your puzzle, choose the desired solution mode, and click the action button.

Solution mode

Step By Step

We’ll show you a step-by-step solution to your Sudoku puzzle. Each step will be explained and visualized. You’ll be able to see the overview of the entire solution path and easily navigate between steps.

Next Step

We’ll show you all moves that are currently possible to make. Each available move will be explained and visualized. The easiest moves will be highlighted so that you can look into them first.


This will show you the solved grid only. In most cases, Step By Step mode is more insightful. But there are cases when seeing the solved grid is just enough. For instance, if you already solved your Sudoku puzzle and want to make sure that the solution is correct.


This mode will allow you to play your own Sudoku on our website. You’ll be able to use all features of Sudoku Mood, including our intelligent hint function.


Paste Sudoku string

If you have your Sudoku puzzle in a string format, you can quickly import it instead of entering the puzzle manually. Just paste your Sudoku string and proceed to select the desired solution mode.

Check puzzle

If the puzzle you entered does not have a solution or has more than one solution, you’ll see a corresponding message after clicking on the action button.

Enter candidates

Some users prefer to maintain a candidates list in each cell using pencil notes. You can enter your pencil notes into our Sudoku Solver as well. We’ll take them into account when showing you the Next Move or Step By Step solution.