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Medium Sudoku

Unwind with a bit of challenge – try Medium Sudoku! Start playing and have fun!

What's Medium Sudoku

As the name suggests, Medium Sudoku puzzles are somewhere between Easy Sudoku and Hard Sudoku. Unlike Easy Sudoku, throughout the game, there will be moves that are not so easy to spot. You'll have to spend some time carefully inspecting the board to find a cell where only one number can be placed or to find a row, column, or block where there is only one cell that may contain a particular number. At the same time, playing Medium Sudoku does not require as much effort, experience, and skills as playing Hard Sudoku.

Medium Sudoku is the best choice for most players. They're challenging, yet fun and relaxing.

How to play Medium Sudoku

Use highlight function

To see how the highlight function works, try clicking on a board cell that already contains a number. Use the highlight function a lot. It'll make it easier for you to navigate the board and find the next move.

Look for the last digit

Look for a 3x3 block, a row, or a column with only one empty cell left.

Look for hidden singles

Choose a number and inspect each 3x3 block to find a block where there is only one cell that may contain this number. Repeat this process for all numbers.

If you haven't found anything, look in rows and columns. But first, look in blocks, it takes less effort.

Look for naked singles

Inspect each empty cell and try to find a cell where there is only one number that can be placed in that cell.

This technique requires quite a lot of effort, so use it only when looking for hidden singles wasn't successful. To speed up the process, first inspect cells in blocks, rows, and columns with only 2 empty cells left. Then with 3 empty cells, 4, and so on.

Use hints

Use the hint function if you get stuck. Never guess. Click on the light-bulb button and learn how the next move was possible to spot. See hint details – it will help you to understand the hint better. Hints will teach you, and soon you'll notice that your solving skills have improved.

More tips

Read tips applicable to all levels of Sudoku, not just Medium. You may choose to use pencil notes or not. Either way is fine – choose whatever feels more enjoyable for you.